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6 de Novembre a disco opera el 10 aniversari
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Guinness Heineken Amstel Oro Radler
Monday - Lunes
Obert Cada Nit de 18h fins Tard!
Tuesday - Martes
Gaudeix d�una copa entre setmana amb nosaltres!Obert cada Nit
Wednesday - Miércoles
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Thursday - Jueves
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Friday - Viernes
PUB ERIC CANTONA´S was born on November 1 2005, as a meeting point for all those who have a great admiration for good football and for the great clubs, FÚTBOL CLUB BARCELONA, REAL MADRID and MANCHESTER UNITED.
Thanks to our love of football, you can enjoy the great games of, "La Liga" on our 3 TV's, being two BIGSCREENS, while you are enjoying a nice British beer, or one of our other imported brands , and trying out our delicious baguettes or Chapatas (THE BEST IN MALGRAT DE MAR).
Feel like being at home in Britain or Ireland in our relaxed ambiance.

Our idol, ERIC CANTONA, is presented in our pub in many great photographs, and shows our affection to one of the greatest players in the Premier League, (if you don't believe us, ask any fan of Manchester United) they will tell you....

So spend some time with us, hopefully Sir Eric will pop in for a visit, and we will all worship the ONE, THE ONLY and will cheer together LONG LIVE FOOTBALL!!!!! THE NUMBER 7 of FOOTBALL WORLDWIDE!!
We can show up to two matches simultaneously on two big screens. For more info keep up to date with our what's on notices updated regularly.
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Paisos Catalans S/N Malgrat De mar Barcelona
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